How Dick and Betsy Devos Have Helped Kids Get a Better Education

Betsy Devos is known as one of the most prolific philanthropists. She gives tons of money to support various causes. Her husband and she have set up a foundation that they use to donate large sums of money to charity. In one year alone, they gave over eleven million dollars to charity. The main focus of their charitable work pertains to education. Almost thirty percent of their donations go to support education directly or to support groups that advocate for education reform.


Education is extremely important to Betsy, who had parents that were educators and who worked as an educator herself. She strongly believes in the idea that children should be given an opportunity to attend the schools that they feel comfortable in and where their parents believe that they will succeed. It is a well known fact that not every school will fit every child, and that not every child will fit into every school. The obvious solution for children who do not excel in the public school system is to attend a private school. A private school may have students that are better friends, teachers who are better educators, or there just may be a better environment for that particular child to thrive. Betsy Devos therefore believes that such schools should be given vouchers and support from the government so that they can accept kids who do not have the money to pay the high tuition for these schools.


For example, Betsy worked with and supported Alliance for School Choice, and she donated one hundred thousand dollars to them. She was also the chairwoman of American Federation for Children, another organization aimed at providing children with opportunities that work for them. She also was on the board of an organization founded by Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, called Foundation for Excellence in Education. Betsy Devos donated fifty thousand dollars to that organization. Dick and Betsy set up the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation in 1989, which they use to funnel their charitable contributions. Dick Devos also comes from a family that gives a lot of money to charity. After all, his family was put on the Forbes Top Givers list, simply because they collectively gave around one and a third billion dollars to charity, giving one hundred and four million in one year alone.


Dick and Betsy worked hard on promoting her causes. She has been active in politics for thirty five years. She has served with the Republican Party in Michigan, and her husband has too. Because of her strong support for education reform, and because of her active work to support education, she was chosen by Donald Trump to be the eleventh United States Secretary of Education.


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