Marc Beer the reseacher

Marc Beer, the researcher

Marc Beer has an experience of over twenty-five years in biotechnology, devices, and pharmaceuticals and diagnosis of disorders. Together with Ramon Iglesias, Yolanda Lorie and MD, they founded Renovia. The organization was founded in August 2016.

Marc founded Via Cell in April 2000. This is a biotechnology company that deals with preservation, collecting and also developing blood stem of the umbilical cord.


The time that Marc was the CEO in Via Cell, he was also serving as a board of director’s member in Erytech Pharma. This is a biopharmaceutical organization that is traded in a public way. He also took part in several positions of Genzyme. He was launching some products and also addressing rare diseases in a small geographical location. In Abbott labs, Marc also took part in some posts of sales and product marketing.


Due to the leadership offered by Marc in Renovia, the company managed to have over three hundred employees and it was also made public in 2005.

Leva has been permitted by FDA to train and rehabilitate people who suffer from disorders in the pelvic floor. Stan Lynall, the vice president of investments dealing with the venture, explained that they are excited by investing in a company that with various products because that leads to positive results all over the world.

Marc beer is the founder of Renovia Inc. In April, the first product of the company which is called leva received Food and drug act approval. The organization is a MedTech one. It develops therapeutic and diagnostic products that are used to heal disorders concerning the floor of the pelvis. An example is a urinary incontinence. Researchers have concluded that the disease affects an estimate of two thousand and fifty million ladies in the whole world.

Longwood Fund is an organization which deals with offering health care services. It is a firm that makes investments. It is among the first firms to start investing in Renovia. The company has joined with other organizations, and their aims involve funding to test and develop four other specialized methods and also products for carrying diagnosis procedures. A current generation which is involved in leva device is included.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Renovia, they are thrilled because they have a group of investors who are in the healthcare sector and who distribute their visions to treat, to diagnose better and also to make the life of females who are affected by the disorders of the pelvic floor better. He added that the combination of their innovative and also their technologies that are a proprietary sensor and also the form factors with a health platform that is digitalized would help clients to access data and also to bring about new options of treatment. A greater understanding and also knowledge concerning the disorders of the pelvic floor and long-term costs of health care will be available. Learn more:

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