Wes Edens Of The Milwaukee Buck

Wes Edens was born on 30th October 1961. Wes is known for being a co-founder at Fortress Investment Group, being the founder of the New Fortress Energy, and for owning a state basketball team. It goes to show his passion for business and investment. Wes is a graduate of the Oregon University where he pursued finance and business administration.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens served as a partner and managing director at BlackRock Financial Management Inc. as well as the Lehman Brothers Company. It gave him the experience needed for an executive position as Fortress. As of March this year, his assets amounted to approximately $40.9 billion.

After joining Fortress, Wes Edens was recognized by the Wall Street Journal for facilitating the acquisition of Springfield Financial by Fortress. Springfield Financial had a reputation at the time for being a prime lender firm, formerly known as AIG’s American General Finance.

Wes also facilitated the purchase of a mortgage lender known as Centex Home Equity Company, which is now known as the Nationstar Mortgage where Wes is the chairman. In his tenure at Fortress Investment Group, he not only facilitated the purchase of firms, but also saw the development of large and promising infrastructure projects which included health centers, and even real estate businesses all over the world.

Aside from being a finance guru, Wes Eden is also a huge fan of sports. With his passion, he purchased the sports team Milwaukee Bucks for an approximate amount of $550 million in 2014 and promised the former team owner that he would facilitate the construction of a new arena under the team’s name in Wisconsin.

Still, in 2014, Wes Edens founded the New Fortress Energy Company whose main aim was and still is to facilitate the acceleration of the world’s transition to renewable energy that is also clean. The New Fortress Energy began by the development of plant for liquefied natural gas in the Miami region which was a success, and many other plants are to follow according to Wes Edens.

Aside from just being the founder of this new company, Wes is the overall head of all business and market development strategies and activities. He has recently facilitated the partnership of the company with Jamaica to come up with a liquefied natural gas terminal.

Learn more about Wes Edens: https://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/potmsearch/detail/submission/6455155/Wes_Edens

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