New Residential Investment Ceo Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is a 55 years old. Michael is the current President, CEO and Chairman of the board for New Residential Investment Corporation. Michael Nierenberg is also fortress’s Managing Director. New Residential Corporation is a US based Real estate investment company that deals with managing and investing in mortgage related assets. The company operates by servicing loans, related assets, residential securities and other various invest, investment segments.

Before becoming the CEO of New Residential, Michael was the MD, head of Global Mortgage & securities as well as products that are securitized at America Merrill Lynch Bank. In this position, Michael Nierenberg is in charge of all trading and sales activities in that division. In 2008, November is when Mr. Michael joined this bank coming from JP Morgan. At JP Morgan, Michael was head of securitized products globally and a management committee member of the bank.

Before joining JP Morgan, Michael Nierenberg worked for 14 years in Bear Steams where he held a number of senior positions. This positions included, head of foreign exchange operations and interest rates head, co-head of securities trading that is mortgage-backed and structured products. Michael was a member of Board of Directors for Bear steam from 2006 to 2008. Prior to joining Bear Steams, Michael Nierenberg had worked for 7 years at Lehman Brothers where he helped in coming up with adjustable mortgage rates for the company. The vast knowledge, expertise and skills that Michael Nierenberg has made the Board of Directors to see him fit to serve as the Director.

Michael Nierenberg has made many stock trades in New Residential stock from 2016. All NRI Corp independent directors and investment executives on average trades every 166 days with a trade average worth of $9,893,543. Michael trades on average, around 412,885 units in 111 days. In August 8th 2016, Michael Nierenberg exercised 749,999 NRZ stock units that were worth $ 7,942,489. In 3rd of February 2017, Michael exercised 18,600 NRZ units and they were worth $23,850. The recent and largest trade one he has ever made was on June 26th 2018 that was worth $25,562,272 after excercising 1,708,708 NRZ stock units.

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