The Philanthropic Strides of Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a well known electric company that takes major strides towards helping different communities. When Stream Energy established in 2005 they made it their goal to come up with a different method of advertisement. Eventually, using word of mouth, they gained an unbelievable amount of recognition for their services. Stream Energy is a major innovator within their field and they have set themselves apart from the rest. Other than providing energy, now they have diversified their services by providing Wireless, Protective and Home Services.

Stream Energy has been so invested in the community that they have created their own foundation to help those in need, the foundation is called the Stream Care Foundation. They have teamed up with a variety of other major philanthropic organizations to help those in need after a natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey caused major flooding and damage in the Houston community, Stream Care makes it their mission to help the homeless and those who need to rebuild. Since Stream Energy’s focal point is on direct selling, they are able to provide economical pricing for their services and also use some of their profits to go towards the foundation.

Stream Care teamed up with Hope Supply Co. To provide assistance in the Dallas area. They have made it a mission to offer opportunities that don’t come around too often for the less fortunate. Stream Care was able to create a special event called Splash for Hope, for homeless children where annually they can visit a water park for the day at no cost. In recent news a few months after Hurricane Harvey they have also provided free furniture for those in need with to help refurnish homes near the Gulf Port. The leaders in corporate as well as the associates want to focus on bringing hope to those who have lost everything.

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