Jeremy Goldstein on The Knockout Stock Options and The Reduction Of Employee Stock Option Privilege

Whether to save money or for reasons too complicated to explain, employers and corporations have been reducing their employee’s privileges in receiving stock options. There are multiple problems with this issue.




Jeremy Goldstein specializes in speaking about issues with executive compensation and corporate governance. He lists as one of the leading lawyers who specialize in executive compensation. He is also an active member of the New York-based Make-AWish charity which dedicates its efforts to help people recover from mental illness.




Goldstein, who received his J.D from University School of Law in New York, has been working in the area of business law for over 15 years. He had established his firm based in New York and served on the prestigious law journal boards. He shared his views on the matter of stock option compensation, and the implications the reduced benefits have on the benefit of the businesses.




As Jeremy Goldstein explains, compensation with stock options can become a substitute for insurance coverage or equities. What employees need to understand is that stock options provide equal value to all of them. In case that the company value increases, so do the personal earnings of the employees. This way, the staff feels the urge to think about the success of their company. It could result in better customer service, innovation and more effort towards attracting clients.




With specific rules that the Internal Revenue Service imposed, it becomes a lot harder for companies to supply their staff with equities. Also, corporations could face additional taxes for providing shares instead of options.



Jeremy Goldstein sees the solution to this issue. With the right strategy, companies should take the right steps to reduce overhang and expenses. The benefits a company could gain are worth the effort. Ultimately, knockout stock options could be the best solution for the business owners, since employees can lose them if they fall below a certain amount.




Knockout options protect companies and investors who are not members of the staff since no one can use options that threaten with overhang.



Jeremy Goldstein agrees that temporary plunges shouldn’t be a reason for companies to eliminate knockout stock options. Only plunges longer than one week, according to Goldstein, are a good enough reason to cancel the options. The knockout mechanism also serves to lower the initial accounting costs with volatile stocks, keeping the options valid for a shorter period than usual.


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Doe Deere: The Lime Crime Mastermind

With her vibrant hair color and exciting personality, you can’t help but notice Doe Deere. If you frequent Instagram, you re likely to have been blessed by her presence on your timeline. Self-hailed the “Queen of Unicorns”, Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, one of the newest and most vibrant editions to the cosmetic industry. In a recent interview with Guest of a Guest, Deere sat down to share her story of struggles and success, and a few secrets for those who are facing similar situations as she did on her road to entrepreneurship.


Born and raised in Russia, Deere knew from a young age that she wanted to build her own brand. She got her first taste of entrepreneurship when she sold temporary tattoos to her school classmates. Slap on a few cool looking tattoos and show them off to your friends for a little spending cash, hows that strategy. At the tender age of 17, Deere left Russia and headed for New York City with her sights set on a career as a musician. It was during her time as a musician in New York that she became inspired to venture into the world of make-up and cosmetics. For as long as she can recall, Deere has always had a unique sense of style. She recalls struggling to find lip and eye colors that truly matched her style, and often being left with no choice other than to settle for the typical everyday colors.


Refusing to settle, Deere committed herself to revolutionizing the world of cosmetics. Deere believes that we use our bodies as a form of expression. We each express our individuality through make-up, clothing, and hairstyles. In 2008 she launched Lime Crime Cosmetics in hopes of inspiring other individuals to follow their dreams and to express themselves unapologetically. The hues offered by Lime Crime are some of the most vibrant colors in the industry, and fans and followers of Deere often praise the eccentric line for its eye-popping creations.


As a lover of animals, Doe Deere builds Lime Crime on a promise to deliver vegan and cruelty-free makeup options for today’s consumer. This means that none of their products are ever tested on animals. Lime Crime is also certified by both PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program. In addition to providing vegan and cruelty-free products the Lime Crime team regularly fosters and adopts animals in need, staying true to their promise to remain compassionate to our innocent furry friends.


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Scott M. Rocklage, PhD Makes a Real Difference

Learning is all about doing and doing is all about knowing for Scott M. Rocklage, PhD. And, sharing the can do know-how spirit of enterprise is what he does best. That is why his position at 5am Ventures not only acts as its Managing Partner but it is thought of as one of mentor, facilitator, leader and innovator, but those are titles he’s already had. As a matter of fact there are three different drug applications with his very own signature on them.


Suffice it to say that he has had his mind trained for a while now, and it is at a level of expertise that anyone can achieve but most people are still on their way there. And the spirit of helping others get there, Scott Rocklage has a few words of wisdom and matters of fact on the business of life that anyone can really learn to appreciate. His professional service and purpose in the medical field is in the formation of businesses that make the practice of science possible. This means that on any given day he can be doing various business things from contributing in a board meeting, managing a portfolio and its options, or simply having his face time with staff to make sure standards and practices are up to code.


His personal, professional and primary purpose of focus is on working with highly trained and in-the-know professionals entrepreneurs and along with researchers in the design of pinpoint medicine. These are medications that work on the near molecular and genetic level to affect a cell. And, he is most passionate about the explosive growth in the field of medicine. As proficient and authoritative as a professional that he is, Scott makes time and his highly effective when he works on a team handling projects which require a meeting of the minds.


He highly recommends investing in people, especially in the workplace, to see the best results. As a maverick businessman, he recommends taking calculated risks and knowing the value of yourself while at the same time remaining focused and true to your cause. His true business genius can only be understood by other scientists and he recommends “Good to Great” as a classic page turner.


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How Dick and Betsy Devos Have Helped Kids Get a Better Education

Betsy Devos is known as one of the most prolific philanthropists. She gives tons of money to support various causes. Her husband and she have set up a foundation that they use to donate large sums of money to charity. In one year alone, they gave over eleven million dollars to charity. The main focus of their charitable work pertains to education. Almost thirty percent of their donations go to support education directly or to support groups that advocate for education reform.


Education is extremely important to Betsy, who had parents that were educators and who worked as an educator herself. She strongly believes in the idea that children should be given an opportunity to attend the schools that they feel comfortable in and where their parents believe that they will succeed. It is a well known fact that not every school will fit every child, and that not every child will fit into every school. The obvious solution for children who do not excel in the public school system is to attend a private school. A private school may have students that are better friends, teachers who are better educators, or there just may be a better environment for that particular child to thrive. Betsy Devos therefore believes that such schools should be given vouchers and support from the government so that they can accept kids who do not have the money to pay the high tuition for these schools.


For example, Betsy worked with and supported Alliance for School Choice, and she donated one hundred thousand dollars to them. She was also the chairwoman of American Federation for Children, another organization aimed at providing children with opportunities that work for them. She also was on the board of an organization founded by Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, called Foundation for Excellence in Education. Betsy Devos donated fifty thousand dollars to that organization. Dick and Betsy set up the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation in 1989, which they use to funnel their charitable contributions. Dick Devos also comes from a family that gives a lot of money to charity. After all, his family was put on the Forbes Top Givers list, simply because they collectively gave around one and a third billion dollars to charity, giving one hundred and four million in one year alone.


Dick and Betsy worked hard on promoting her causes. She has been active in politics for thirty five years. She has served with the Republican Party in Michigan, and her husband has too. Because of her strong support for education reform, and because of her active work to support education, she was chosen by Donald Trump to be the eleventh United States Secretary of Education.


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Adam Milstein Wins Time and Again

As the saying goes, those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat. And, in the case of the Nazi pogroms of the 1940s, the reaction from the Jewish community is indicative of the former. As a matter of consensus, it is clear that a “wait and see” or “peace and quiet” attitude and approach does not serve in the best interests of this nation. Ultimately, the Maccabees’ descends, and their ancestors, know from deadly oppression mixed in with attempts of genocide. Yet, the overall history of Jewish diaspora proves to be one of unimagined triumph and perilous trials. Surely, the repeated victories to come from such a peace loving and powerful people are due to heroes such as Albert Einstein, Anne Frank and Adam Milstein.


Certainly, to be counted as one of the most brilliant or courageous within a nation of people and garner worldwide accolades for effecting international change is an honor. However, heroic efforts by modern standards require a more proactive approach and iconic legacy, which Adam Milstein knows from. His story is one of a man who not only accepts the challenges that the world has to offer, but dismantles them for future generations of his kinsmen yet to come.


The feats of personal growth and commitment that make Adam Milstein the father, leader and role model so many admire follow one right after the other. They begin with the gaining of a world view through eyes wide open to the reality of conflict struggle between different nations and states. While time, progress and opportunity wait for no man, the attainment of individual freedom and collective liberties guide him physically across oceans. In retrospect, this sojourn actually heralds the building of a new understanding between his old and new found homeland. Intriguingly enough, Adams’ loyalty to both of these states and their citizens holds no conflict of interest.