The Chainsmokers Enjoy Long-Standing Success With Debut Album, and Prepare to Release Another One Soon

New York-based DJ duo the Chainsmokers has been around since 2012. Consisting of artists Alex Pall, and Andrew Taggart, the EDM band first gained notoriety with, “#Selfie” which they released in 2014. The single and the ones that followed it soon paved the way for a studio album release. In 2016 the duo released “Memories… Do Not Open”. To this date it has remained their only studio album release. This does not mean that the band has dwindle, to the contrary the Chainsmokers are more popular than ever. They have released numerous EPs and singles, many of them charting, and are currently preparing to release a new album titled, “Somebody”. Although their sound has changed over the last two years, their dedication to their music has not. Which makes it even sweeter that their music is still dedicated to them.

“Memories… Do Not Open” presently co-holds the third-longest running No.1 spot, non-concurrently, with Gorillaz’s “Demon Days”. The album has not left the top five once since its release and shows no signs of ever slowing down. “Demon Days” does show some signs however, leading many to postulate that soon Memories will hold the third slot all by its little self. At present both albums are enjoying their thirty-fourth turn, a very special feather in the cap of a recording artist. The chart is Billboard’s chart, which tracks the popularity of label-released albums in various musical genres. Memories sits within the dance chart, although the Chainsmokers themselves have moved on to a more electro pop sound.

Earlier this year the duo released “Sick Boy” the first of three singles to pave the way towards their new album. “Sick Boy” carries an underlying theme a tinge darker than normal EDM. This is something the duo is very proud of, as they have worked hard to build a better connection to their audience. The song focuses on the perils of social media, a very relatable social norm, and looks at the topic form the band’s point of view. The duo has never been satisfied being typical EDM, and “Sick Boy” is proof of their efforts to change.