2017’s Torch Award Winner Aloha Construction

The year 2017 was a great year for one of Illinois’ best general contractors. The company in question is known as Aloha Construction, and it has climbed the ranks of success in a dramatic way. Aloha Construction is also at the top of its class because it provides such superior work when it comes to home-renovation projects. The Better Business Bureau presented this family-owned business with the affluent Torch Award last year, but it felt long-overdue. This award is an industry standard type of award because it goes to a company that practices great leader and serves its community in a positive way. In addition to that, a company must hold high-standards when it comes to organizational ethics.

The Torch Award is prestigious to a certain degree. This award also spans across multiple sectors of work. A panel of 15 individuals will get together and vote for a winner. This process can be very meticulous as well as very scrutinizing. Aloha Construction was definitely worth its weight in gold as the company provides home-renovation services for Southern Wisconsin as well as for Illinois. What specific areas or municipalities does AC serve? Vernon Hills, Hoffman Estates, Round Lake Beach, Lake Villa, Bloomington, Round Lake, Washington, Peoria and many other towns. How long has Aloha Construction been in business? The answer to this question is 10 years. Throughout the 10 years, This Illinois-based general contractor has completed well-over 20,000 projects. Yes, this is absolutely true and the company is looking to continue these valuable services for the next decade.

Many of the company’s home-renovation specialists have been thoroughly trained across a broad spectrum, and many of the specialists have completed their training at the Vinyl Siding Institute. Aloha Construction is simply winning at this stage in the game, and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down in the near future.


Sahm Adrangi Reveals ad fraud

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital management which was started in the year 2009. The company’s main agenda is to concentrate on long-term investments and special situations that are event driven. Sahm Adrangi became famous after launching his business as he was known to uncover deceitful Chinese companies. Under his management, the company does research in industries which deal with mining, biotechnology and telecommunications. On 5th March 2018, Sahm Adrangi had a presentation at Kase Learning Conference on ad fraud. This is what he had to say.

My name is Sahm Adrangi and I work with Kerrisdale Capital. Kerrisdale , started as an activist group when we did research on Chinese companies that were fraudsters. We have been around for nine years now and we are currently managing around $180,000,000. Once we carry out research, we share it in a number of ways. You can visit our web at carrousel cat dot com and subscribe so you can be able to view and review our research. We post on other platforms like twitter where we have approximately 25000 followers

Part of today’s topic will something we have been dealing with for the last two months. The market price for the land being published by St, Joe developer might actually be double of what the real price should be. Add fraud is also one topic of interest. Mostly, in add fraud we find that most of the things being published for sale in the market should actually be cheaper than what is being published. Basically, what is ad fraud?

Let’s assume that you are Coca-Cola or Kellogg’s and you wish to use $ 25000 in advertising online. If your ads are posted on a bogus website which in actual sense is not being seen by people but rather seen by computers, well that is ad fraud and it is really on the rise. Hackers have designed bots and botnets which are the ones clicking the ad making it seem like it is being viewed by humans. In such case, your, Kellogg or Coca-Cola prospective buyers will not be able to view your supposed advert. If the ad fraud continues, I Sahm Adrangi assures you that willing buyers will lose interest in viewing online advertisements. This will be a very big blow to business owners and legit publishers.