A Legal Eagle: Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is a man who knows a thing or two about the law and how it works for startup companies as well as technology firms. He is also well versed in legal contracts for the aerospace and biotechnology industries. Michael Hagele earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa and received his J.D. meaning Juris Doctorate from the University of Southern California at Berkeley. When he spoke with Ideamensch, Michael Hagele talked about his day and the advice he has for those looking to become a lawyer. For more updates, Follow Michael on Medium

Michael Hagele spends his days working on a lot of projects and legal matters. The first thing he does is check in with his current clients to see if any new developments have popped up in regard to specific legal issues. When the middle of the day comes he makes sure to go out for a ride in order to clear his head and think of new ways to approach his current workload. He says that when he takes a bike ride he is at the top of his form when it comes to his creativity. When he returns in the afternoon he finds out if anything new has occurred during the time he was gone. For the last part of his day, he makes sure to check in with his investment team to make sure that things are on the right legal track.

When it comes to new layers in the profession one piece of advice he would give them is to have a certain amount of tenacity and never give up on an idea. Ideas are how deals are done.

When it comes to being a legal eagle Michael Hagele knows his stuff. He knows his stuff because companies and clients are relying on him to do a great job. Read more: https://ideamensch.com/michael-hagele/


Sahm Adrangi Reveals ad fraud

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital management which was started in the year 2009. The company’s main agenda is to concentrate on long-term investments and special situations that are event driven. Sahm Adrangi became famous after launching his business as he was known to uncover deceitful Chinese companies. Under his management, the company does research in industries which deal with mining, biotechnology and telecommunications. On 5th March 2018, Sahm Adrangi had a presentation at Kase Learning Conference on ad fraud. This is what he had to say.

My name is Sahm Adrangi and I work with Kerrisdale Capital. Kerrisdale , started as an activist group when we did research on Chinese companies that were fraudsters. We have been around for nine years now and we are currently managing around $180,000,000. Once we carry out research, we share it in a number of ways. You can visit our web at carrousel cat dot com and subscribe so you can be able to view and review our research. We post on other platforms like twitter where we have approximately 25000 followers

Part of today’s topic will something we have been dealing with for the last two months. The market price for the land being published by St, Joe developer might actually be double of what the real price should be. Add fraud is also one topic of interest. Mostly, in add fraud we find that most of the things being published for sale in the market should actually be cheaper than what is being published. Basically, what is ad fraud?

Let’s assume that you are Coca-Cola or Kellogg’s and you wish to use $ 25000 in advertising online. If your ads are posted on a bogus website which in actual sense is not being seen by people but rather seen by computers, well that is ad fraud and it is really on the rise. Hackers have designed bots and botnets which are the ones clicking the ad making it seem like it is being viewed by humans. In such case, your, Kellogg or Coca-Cola prospective buyers will not be able to view your supposed advert. If the ad fraud continues, I Sahm Adrangi assures you that willing buyers will lose interest in viewing online advertisements. This will be a very big blow to business owners and legit publishers.


Dr. Mark Mckenna: A Proof of What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

To be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to develop a resilient spirit. One ought to motivate and pick up himself when faced with difficulties. This philosophy has been the driving force behind Dr. Mark Mckenna’s success. He is not the one to throw in the towel when knocked down. The experiences that he has faced through life have just made him stronger.

It was Dr. Mark Mckenna’s childhood dream to follow the steps of his father, who was a doctor. He worked hard in school which culminated to him joining Tulane University medical school where he studied medicine. While undertaking his undergraduate studies, he noticed that the medicine industry was not as lucrative as he thought. Dr. Mckenna had grown up knowing that having a medicine degree assured one of having a comfortable livelihood.

Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to venture into real estate as a side investment. Though he did not have enough capital, Dr. Mckenna ploughed back his profits little by little. With time, the venture started to pay off. Through his company, McKenna Venture Investments, he began to buy properties from his competitors and at the same time hired more professionals to work for him.

Just when his ventures started to expand exponentially, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans wiping out his properties. Again, not the one to lose hope, Dr. Mark Mckenna assisted his community to build up and restore their livelihoods. Dr. Mckenna brought low-income properties, renovated, and sold them at a profit. After getting his business back to its feet, he decided to go back to the medicine field. Hurricane Katrina had taught him an invaluable lesson; real estate faced some uncertainties.

After researching, Dr. Mark Mckenna identified an opportunity in aesthetics. Using his entrepreneurial skills, that he had honed in the real estate industry, Dr. Mckenna assembled a team of qualified professionals who worked beside him. The idea morphed into a company, OVME. Due to the quality of services that Dr. Mark Mckenna has been offering, OVME has been experiencing rapid growth. Clearly, Dr. Mckenna journey shows that with commitment and perseverance everything is possible.


Adam Milstein support preservation of the Jewish culture

Adam Milstein is a leading protector of the Jewish identity in the United States. Despite living his motherland, Israel four decades ago, he has maintained close ties with the land of his birth. He still identifies with the Jewish culture and heritage. Milstein is involved in initiatives which bring the community together and teach the young people about their true identity.

Many young Jews who are born in the United States fail to understand their true identity and ten to take up the American culture. Although there is nothing wrong with that, Milstein is interested in preserving the Jewish identity. He does not agree with the people who say that all Jews should go back to Israel and help build their country. He believes some great opportunities can be exploited by those who live abroad to make the country stronger.

Adam Milstein is working on enhancing the bond between Jews living in the United States and those in the Israel. The link between the two is crucial in addressing the challenges that face the Jewish community.

The number one challenge that Jews all over the world face is anti-Semitism. There is a tendency for Jews to be subjected to hate by people who differ with them. With such hate being propagated against the community, Jews cannot sit back and watch. They need to come together and fight the challenges as one force.

Adam Milstein stands for the unity of all Jews from wherever they are. He formed an organization known as the Israeli-American Council which supports the strengthening of the ties between Israel and the United States. These two countries share a long history of cooperation and it can 0nly be good if the partnership is cultivated.

Adam Milstein is using this organization to create the bond between Jews in America and those in the Middle East. He intends to make the Jews living in the United States identify with their brothers and sisters in the Middle East. Once there is a bond, they will handle the challenges they face together. Israel is in dire need of support from Jews living abroad. Evil forces have grouped to eliminate the Jewish state and the solution to avoid this is creating a solid country that cannot go down under pressure from enemies.


Shervin Pishevar and His Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar is a well-known business person. He came to America and has managed to build for himself an excellent reputation in the entrepreneurship field. As a capitalist in business, he has partnered with so many organizations within America such as Waby Parker, Dolar Shave Club, Uber including other e-commerce companies. In addition to this, he is also a co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One. Shervin shared a tweet storm in February 2018. The tweet storm spanned for more than 21 hours. There were more than 50 tweets in that tweet storm. In these tweets, Pishevar focused much on the American economy as well as its future and the bitcoin market.

At this time of the tweetstorm, Dow Jones was going through an awkward moment because of its decline in industrial average. Those who had invested in the company were caught unaware by this decline because they never anticipated it. According to Shervin in his tweets, he had seen the company’s downfall in 2018 that would cost the organization all its profits from the previous year. In addition to this, in one of his tweets, Shervin warns America about its economy. He goes ahead to tell America that it should not be comfortable of its superpower status because that may never be permanent. Additionally, Shervin Pishevar claims in his tweets that Silicon Valley is no more a physical place instead is a gone idea that caught the eyes of social media.

Shervin Pishevar signals the American citizens and politicians by telling them that building a wall to prevent talent immigrants from coming to America does not make sense. According to him, people no longer have the interest in coming to America. He argues that foolish isolationists can never be able to maintain know-how talents within America.

In one of his tweets, Shervin Pishevar claims that currently, international business deals have been made simpler because of such tools as cryptocurrencies and others. Besides, the world is undergoing a revolutionary stage according to him. While this is taking place, America is busy everywhere to retain its monopoly status. Furthermore, without go-betweens, America can still do well economically according to Pishevar in his tweets.