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Matt Badiali is a professional with many years of experience in earth science. Matt has traveled all over the world in his line of duty, meeting with chief executive officers of many energy companies and advising them on the opportunities available to maximize returns. In 2008, there was an economic recession, and energy stocks prices declined significantly. Matt Badiali decided to invest in those energy stocks by purchasing them despite their low prices and sold them after two years thereby earning huge profits. This investment opportunity established Matt as one of the top gurus in the investment industry.

His success in the investment sector prompted him to introduce Freedom Checks to the world. Freedom Checks offers solutions to people who are willing to venture in the investment industry and earn returns on their investment. Matt explains that FreedomChecks are issued by business partnerships that are publicly traded commonly known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLP). Notably, 568 companies are authorized to operate as MLP.

Enactment of Statute F-26 by Congress in 1987 authorized these companies to issue Freedom Checks to any willing investor. Investors are required to purchase their shares in a company operating as MLP, and after some time they will receive their Freedom checks at the comfort of their homes by mailing to get paid through their bank accounts, or it gets deposited in their brokerage accounts. The companies operating as MLP specialize in the production, transportation, processing, and storage of oil and gas. The companies explore the natural resources in the energy sector and make wise investment decisions before exploiting the funds in the United States.

Master Limited Partnership companies enjoy tax exemptions as provided by the statute, hence receiving high yields from the investments. Investors benefit through tax exemptions and obtain higher capital gains and are not subjected to traditional income tax regulations. MLP is also required to pay 90% of their income to their investors. Payments made by MLP are referred to as distributions and are made either monthly or quarterly throughout the year. Matt Badiali also says that there are no age restrictions and the minimum amount of investment that is required is lower as compared to other investment companies.

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The Impact of Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank.

The shocking news about the sudden acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank Corporation was not taken easily by the public. People felt like the company had lost its direction and maybe it was on the brink of collapsing. However, one of the able CEOs of Fortress Group, Mr Peter Briger came into the public eye to shed light on the investors and the watching public about the acquisition transaction. He explained that the move by Fortress Investment Group to get purchased by SoftBank was the most strategic decision and the company was expecting to reap a lot of benefits from the acquisition.

First, Fortress has been in the field of finance and debt securities. This has made it quite prominent and enabled the company to acquire vast proficiency in the management of investors’ assets. On the other hand, SoftBank has been engaging in the telecommunication, transport and technology sectors. This will be an advantage to Fortress Investment Group because it would be able to diversify its investment from just managing securities as the only source of funds. Fortress Group will also leverage the wide customer base of SoftBank which is a multinational organization with clients from all over the world.

This acquisition transaction saw the acquirer, which is the SoftBank, spend a total of $3.3 billion. The whole of the transaction was cash-based, and so the shareholders of Fortress Group got all the proceeds in cash. On the other hand, the possession of all the outstanding shares that previously belonged to Fortress was immediately transferred to SoftBank and all its associates that it fully owns. The acquisition, however, didn’t take place just as a surprise. It was a well-thought decision between the co-principals and the shareholders that saw them agree that it would be viable enough if they engaged in the business relation.

What followed was the delisting of all the common stock of Fortress Investment Group from the New York Stock Exchange, and they stopped trading immediately. The beauty of this acquisition is that the leadership of Fortress remained intact. Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens remain the heads of operations of Fortress as it operates independently under SoftBank.

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