A Legal Eagle: Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is a man who knows a thing or two about the law and how it works for startup companies as well as technology firms. He is also well versed in legal contracts for the aerospace and biotechnology industries. Michael Hagele earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa and received his J.D. meaning Juris Doctorate from the University of Southern California at Berkeley. When he spoke with Ideamensch, Michael Hagele talked about his day and the advice he has for those looking to become a lawyer. For more updates, Follow Michael on Medium

Michael Hagele spends his days working on a lot of projects and legal matters. The first thing he does is check in with his current clients to see if any new developments have popped up in regard to specific legal issues. When the middle of the day comes he makes sure to go out for a ride in order to clear his head and think of new ways to approach his current workload. He says that when he takes a bike ride he is at the top of his form when it comes to his creativity. When he returns in the afternoon he finds out if anything new has occurred during the time he was gone. For the last part of his day, he makes sure to check in with his investment team to make sure that things are on the right legal track.

When it comes to new layers in the profession one piece of advice he would give them is to have a certain amount of tenacity and never give up on an idea. Ideas are how deals are done.

When it comes to being a legal eagle Michael Hagele knows his stuff. He knows his stuff because companies and clients are relying on him to do a great job. Read more: https://ideamensch.com/michael-hagele/


Jeff Herman: Protecting the Children from Child Abuse

The United States is one of the countries around the world that has a rising number of sexual abuse cases. Lawyers like Jeff Herman are the ones who are working with these cases, and he is trying to protect his young clients from their oil predators. He feels sick from imagining that there are people who would love to prey smaller and vulnerable children, offering them to perform sexual acts with them. For Jeff Herman, these actions are unforgivable, and the criminals should be penalized according to the existing laws in the United States. Many states have strict rules about sexual abuse, and the government of America is serious in putting an end to this practice. However, the public says otherwise, stating that the government of the United States is making little effort to stop child abuse.

The Congress is being criticized by many Americans coming from different backgrounds because of the delay of the passage of the Child Victims Act. The citizens wanted the bill to transform into law, but they are irritated with the fact that most of the legislative in the United States do not prioritize the bill. Recently, Jeff Herman joined a protest, along with Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers. The trio formed a larger group, named as New Yorkers against Hidden Predators. This group aims to protect and educate the children about the sexual harassment activities that can be performed to them. Many people in New York City have been appealing to the public to help stop the abuse against children. The people wanted to show the capital their might so that the legislation would move quickly and submit this proposal into a fully implemented road.

Through the years of his service, Jeff Herman has already helped thousands of children who fell victim to sexual harassment. One of his biggest cases was when he had to face a clergyman who is accused of rape. The case went through normally, but in the end, since the judges saw evidence that would indict the clergyman, they decided to give him his penalty right away. Jeff Herman continues to serve the people, even providing free legal services to those who don’t have money.