Sahm Adrangi Reveals ad fraud

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital management which was started in the year 2009. The company’s main agenda is to concentrate on long-term investments and special situations that are event driven. Sahm Adrangi became famous after launching his business as he was known to uncover deceitful Chinese companies. Under his management, the company does research in industries which deal with mining, biotechnology and telecommunications. On 5th March 2018, Sahm Adrangi had a presentation at Kase Learning Conference on ad fraud. This is what he had to say.

My name is Sahm Adrangi and I work with Kerrisdale Capital. Kerrisdale , started as an activist group when we did research on Chinese companies that were fraudsters. We have been around for nine years now and we are currently managing around $180,000,000. Once we carry out research, we share it in a number of ways. You can visit our web at carrousel cat dot com and subscribe so you can be able to view and review our research. We post on other platforms like twitter where we have approximately 25000 followers

Part of today’s topic will something we have been dealing with for the last two months. The market price for the land being published by St, Joe developer might actually be double of what the real price should be. Add fraud is also one topic of interest. Mostly, in add fraud we find that most of the things being published for sale in the market should actually be cheaper than what is being published. Basically, what is ad fraud?

Let’s assume that you are Coca-Cola or Kellogg’s and you wish to use $ 25000 in advertising online. If your ads are posted on a bogus website which in actual sense is not being seen by people but rather seen by computers, well that is ad fraud and it is really on the rise. Hackers have designed bots and botnets which are the ones clicking the ad making it seem like it is being viewed by humans. In such case, your, Kellogg or Coca-Cola prospective buyers will not be able to view your supposed advert. If the ad fraud continues, I Sahm Adrangi assures you that willing buyers will lose interest in viewing online advertisements. This will be a very big blow to business owners and legit publishers.

Adam Milstein Wins Time and Again

As the saying goes, those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat. And, in the case of the Nazi pogroms of the 1940s, the reaction from the Jewish community is indicative of the former. As a matter of consensus, it is clear that a “wait and see” or “peace and quiet” attitude and approach does not serve in the best interests of this nation. Ultimately, the Maccabees’ descends, and their ancestors, know from deadly oppression mixed in with attempts of genocide. Yet, the overall history of Jewish diaspora proves to be one of unimagined triumph and perilous trials. Surely, the repeated victories to come from such a peace loving and powerful people are due to heroes such as Albert Einstein, Anne Frank and Adam Milstein.


Certainly, to be counted as one of the most brilliant or courageous within a nation of people and garner worldwide accolades for effecting international change is an honor. However, heroic efforts by modern standards require a more proactive approach and iconic legacy, which Adam Milstein knows from. His story is one of a man who not only accepts the challenges that the world has to offer, but dismantles them for future generations of his kinsmen yet to come.


The feats of personal growth and commitment that make Adam Milstein the father, leader and role model so many admire follow one right after the other. They begin with the gaining of a world view through eyes wide open to the reality of conflict struggle between different nations and states. While time, progress and opportunity wait for no man, the attainment of individual freedom and collective liberties guide him physically across oceans. In retrospect, this sojourn actually heralds the building of a new understanding between his old and new found homeland. Intriguingly enough, Adams’ loyalty to both of these states and their citizens holds no conflict of interest.